Can you find all the capitals of these Europian countries ?

It is not as easy as it seems.

When I was a kid I was really fascinated by geography and history. So you can imagine that knowing the capital of European countries was my thing.

But as time goes by it becomes harder to remember as much information about geography as we were kids. Sometimes you need to refresh your memory and that’s why I created this quiz.

I challenge that a lot of my readers will score 100 % on this quiz, but most will make at least one mistake.

And that’s pretty normal.

Start the quiz and have some fun 🙂

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    The capital of Spain is…

    • Barcelona
    • Valencia
    • Madrid
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    The capital of Germany is…

    • Berlin
    • Frankfurt
    • Munich
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    The capital of Turkey is..

    • Istambul
    • Ankara
    • Izmir
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    The capital of Switzerland is…

    • Bern
    • Zyrich
    • Geneva
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    The capital of Estonia is…

    • Tallinn
    • Tartu
    • Rige
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    The capital of Lithuania is…

    • Rige
    • Vilnius
    • Kaunas
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    The capital of Slovenia is

    • Zagreb
    • Bratislave
    • Ljubljana

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