4 Little Secrets on storytelling

Have you ever wondered what does it mean to be a writer? How do you create characters like Prince Myskin of Dostoyevski, The Little Prince of Antoine de Saint Exupery or Harry Potter from J.K. Rowling? Are these characters product of inspiration, hard work, talent or a mix between these three? Well, no one knows for sure but writing remains one of the most intimate and profound activities of human. The magical part is that even though it’s intimate, deep and profound contains universality in it because the reader, while reading enters into a fight with himself and the world as these characters do. That’s the reason why we decided to post an article that contains four little secrets on storytelling as below:

1. Read a lot, write a little

All the readers know that old saying “a reader always reads two or more books at a time”. Reading puts you in situations that you have never been before and these situations may be ethical, romantical or practical. Another benefit of reading is that will develop your vocabulary and developing your vocabulary means new perspectives of your mind. Gabriel Garcia Marquez, one of the greatest writers of all times, sincerely said that he was proud a lot more about what he read and not what he wrote.

2. Your story should be sincerely yours

Tarantino, a famous director of movies, in an interview said that he cried when one of his characters died on his mind. A sincere story does not mean that you should base your story and plot only on facts but it means that the message or the idea that the story contains should be something that disturbs you or encourages you to raise questions or give different answers. A borrowed story paralyses thought and the reader has quite a sharp eye and mind noticing the lack of authenticity.

3. Put yourself in the shoes of the reader

Writing is an act of creation and also is reading because when you read, philosophically, you are rewriting with your mind what others wrote. So, write the things that you would love to read. These will make writing an endeavor of passion and love and will not be accompanied by the desire for success and the insecurity of fame.

4. Be curious and do not put aside love

To be curious means to have a child’s sincerity on your thoughts and ideas meanwhile wearing old people clothes. Curiosity does not kill the cat, it helps her know foreign territories and in this case helps the writer to take imaginary tickets on lands of thought that he has never been. William Blake says on one of his poems that two man watch the same tree, the first sees a barrier in front of him and the second cries thinking about the story of the tree since it was a seed. We highly suggest to watch deeply and think on Nature, not only on her images. The last, but not the least, don’t put aside love on your work because without love there remains only the paper and the story disappears.

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