Philmosophy, 3 movies that everyone should watch

Philmosophy means to philosophically approach to the Cinema. Cinema is a segment of art and the movies are like books, but fast-ly read. The combination of image and dialogue creates a creative field for thinking and imagination.

This means taking into consideration the story,  colors, images, music, dialogues, and every other little detail and to give a subjective explanation of the movie. It means to watch, observe, analyze, and more importantly, to enjoy the movie. Based on our cinematic experience we decided to give a list of three movies that each intelligent should watch and enjoy.

 1. V for Vendetta

Except the astonishing colors, this movie orbits through three crucial concepts in the political history of man: dystopia, revolution and ideas. The dystopia is noticed on the political ground of the society that the movie presents us. A society which from the fear of a plague derogated it’s fundamental rights and liberties and ended up in a dictatorship. Revolution is the main key of interpreting the movie because it’s present all around the personas of the movie and mainly to the protagonist. The protagonist wears a mask giving a strong message that behind a revolution is not only one man, but an idea and ideas are eternal. Enjoy!

2. My dinner with Andre

This is a movie that can be considered poor in images, but really astonishing in dialogues. The main reason it’s because the movie is developed mainly on a restaurant presenting a conversation between Andre and a friend of him but hearing the dialogue will make you hold your breath as if you were under the sea. The dialogue contains a wonderful intensity which is physically represented by the body language of Andre. He explains unique experiences that had when he decided to travel in different places and the transformation that happened to him as a human being during these experiences.

3. The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotles Mind 

On our opinion, Jim Carrey’s and Kate Winslet best movie in their career. This movie builds itself around the concepts of love, memory and destiny. Love is expressed in this movie in a variety of emotions that it contains such as: happines and enthusiasm and also anger and the desire to erase the other from your memory because this possibility exists in the movie. Through these new possibility of erasing a person along with all the memories that you had with him, the movie raises a question or a burden on the one who watches it: Who are we without our memory? Having the possibility to erase all our background, what would remain of us?

Destiny or the mysterious force is a hidden gem of this movie. Destiny makes possible that two persons that chose to erase each other, meet again. And here comes the next question: Free will, is that a fantasy or a practical reality of our lives? Take your time to watch and think on these things.

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