Street Photography as a modern philosophy

Street photography is one of the arts that used to inspire and inspires different photographers from all around the world. Street photography may be considered even a great hobby in nowadays because all you need is to have an apparatus and the guts to explore the environment. Street photography is related to modern philosophy for some of the reason listed below.

1. Life is an adventure

Doing street photography means entering into the unknown and abandoning our comfort zone. This is a great step because opens our psyche to new experiences and also to new ways of how we percept the world. Entering into this adventure means one thing for sure: new experience and a new version of ourselves.

2. Keeping the balance

Doing street photography, it requires the sharp eye of an eagle and a calm mind. This is a great exercise for our mind and emotional state because it gives us the environment to create a balance between them.

3. Carpe Diem or Seize the Day

The object of street photography may be people, building, flowers or something else. The most beautiful part about photography is because it catches these people or things which surround us in a state that they will never be anymore. It’s like freezing a moment that will never be a now anymore. These teaches something beautiful about our life, to seize the day because today, will never be anymore today. It also teaches us that the only power that we have against time, are our choices not the linearity of time itself. So, it’s up to us and our decisions how to spend a today that never comes anymore.

4. Being Creative

Gilles Deleuze says that we should bring the world something incomprehensible. To bring the world something new and beautiful requires us to be creative and thoughtful. Street photography invites us in the adventure of being creative and opening new possibility to our beings because it gives us the possibility to create from the chaos and noise of the streets the rule and beaty of a composition combined by movement, colors and the message it contains.

5. Being Humble

Watching people and the streets through the lens means creating a perspective about them without knowing them properly. To capture a moment means to decipher the hidden message in the movement, clothes and potentiality that Nature bears in itself. Feeling part of a bigger think, as its Nature and humanity by capturing them through the lens helps us to meditate and be humble.

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