What texting can tell about us

Personality, in the simplest definition, is the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s unique character. Psychologists have named different types of personalities, where humans take part, based on some core qualities. There are many theories about personality types from psychologists like Jung, Galen, Holland, Myers-Briggs, etc. However, these theories are not the focus of this article.

From the first industrial revolution, the world has advanced rapidly. Nowadays, we have based everyday life on technology. Communication has also changed. People are a call or a text far from each other, no matter where they are. Texting is a way of communication now, and a huge part of the world. The way people compose messages or e-mails can reveal a lot about their personality. Every texter has a personality type associated with his style of texting. Here are some of them.

Writing long texts

If you write long paragraphs, putting your feelings and thoughts into it means that you are a sensitive and thoughtful person and see words as a meaningful and powerful tool. You are kind and compassionate, and you will always be there to give people good advice or to just listen to them.

Text using short sentences

If you text using short messages like, “yes” or “no”, other people see you as emotionless, but you stand behind your texts. You are straightforward, do not twist things on your convenience, you are open and honest, which is a unique quality nowadays. You don’t play with your words and always tell the truth.

Using emojis

To put it simply, you are probably obsessed with emojis because emojis are more expressive and full of emotions, just like you. You don’t hesitate to tell people how you think or feel. Even if you don’t talk, everyone around you will see how you feel.  

Too careful when texting

When you are too careful when texting means that you are not a fun of conflicts and want that people who receive the message don’t misunderstand you. You like to please others and want to make everyone around you happy. That is a good thing, but sometimes you need to be more honest and upfront, and not hide behind the “haha’s”.

Too busy to even write a text

You are too busy to even answer your texts, and even if you reply it is too late. This means you are a busy person and you have way too many things to do. That is an indicator that you need to slow down a little bit. Sometimes, you try to respond as soon as possible, but mostly when you need or want to arrange something. Your friends complain about you, and you need to enjoy life a little and be more fun.

Texting over and over again

You like to send more than one message when you want something even if you don’t get a message back for hours. This means that you are brave and bold, and always go after what you like. You are self-confident and not afraid to get what you want. Sometimes these personalities can be mistaken as impatient, and that is why you need to think twice before you send that second or third message.

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